ChatGPT's Custom instructions

ChatGPT’s Custom Instructions: A Game-Changer for Free Users


In the ever-evolving world of artificial intelligence, customization is key. OpenAI, a leader in this domain, has taken a significant step in enhancing user experience by expanding its ‘custom instructions’ feature. This move is set to redefine how users interact with ChatGPT.

The Big Announcement

OpenAI recently declared that it’s broadening the horizons for its ‘custom instructions’ feature. Initially, this feature was an exclusive perk for ChatGPT Plus subscribers. But now, it’s accessible to everyone, including the vast pool of free-tier users.

Why Custom Instructions?

The essence of ‘custom instructions’ lies in its ability to offer users more control over ChatGPT’s responses. Instead of repeatedly inputting the same instructions, users can set their preferences once and let the AI remember them. Ever wished for a specific character count in responses? Or maybe a particular tone? This feature has got you covered.

Real-World Applications

To grasp the real-world utility of this feature, consider a teacher crafting a lesson plan. With custom instructions, they won’t need to keep reminding ChatGPT that they teach 3rd grade. The AI will remember and tailor its responses accordingly. Similarly, developers can guide the chatbot to respond in their preferred programming languages or exclude the ones they’re not fond of.

User-Centric Development

OpenAI’s decision to expand this feature stems from feedback gathered from users across 22 countries. The company realized the pivotal role of ‘steerability’ in ensuring that AI models cater to the diverse contexts and unique needs of each individual. It’s all about making AI more relatable and user-friendly.

Accessibility Beyond Premium

Until recently, enjoying the ‘custom instructions’ feature came at a price – a ChatGPT Plus subscription costing $20 per month. But in a move that democratizes access, OpenAI has made it available to both free and Plus users. Whether you’re on iOS, Android, or desktop, you can now leverage this feature to its fullest.

Getting Started

For those eager to dive in, starting with custom instructions is a breeze. Simply click on your username and select the ‘Custom instructions’ option. And just like that, you’re on your way to a more personalized AI chat experience.

Expansion Plans

OpenAI isn’t stopping here. Plans are underway to roll out this feature across the EU and the U.K. in the near future. This means even more users will soon enjoy a tailored chat experience with ChatGPT.


The fusion of AI with user-centric features is shaping a new era of personalized digital interactions. OpenAI’s decision to expand the ‘custom instructions’ feature for ChatGPT is a testament to this evolution. As AI continues to weave into our daily lives, such enhancements ensure that the technology remains as relatable and user-friendly as possible.


  1. What are ChatGPT’s custom instructions?
    • It’s a feature that allows users to set specific preferences for how ChatGPT responds, ensuring a more personalized interaction.
  2. Who can access this feature now?
    • Initially exclusive to ChatGPT Plus subscribers, it’s now available to all users, including those on the free tier.
  3. How does this feature benefit users?
    • It saves time by remembering user preferences, eliminating the need to input the same instructions repeatedly.
  4. Are there plans to expand this feature further?
    • Yes, OpenAI intends to introduce this feature to users in the EU and the U.K. soon.
  5. How can one start using custom instructions?
    • Users can activate this feature by clicking on their username and selecting the ‘Custom instructions’ option.


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