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The ultimate learning experience for top AI tools…

Don’t Get Left Behind in the AI Race!
The AI Elevator Challenge
Master 15 AI Tools in 15 Days

Get the 80/20 on all the most powerful AI tools on the market. Start from ground zero and skyrocket to the absolute top of AI. You will receive the most extensive package of AI knowledge, in record time, with the lowest possible investment. Experience a competitive edge like never before and build a unique set of highly sought-after skills.

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The 15-Day AI Elevator Challenge

Just 15 minutes a day? That is all it takes if you are learning with our practical, do-it-yourself challenges.

Confused by AI tools? Our step-by-step, real-world instructions will be your guiding star.

Dream of becoming an AI guru?  With our value-packed lessons, you’ll be a power user in just 15 days.

Curious about the secrets of the pros? Our techniques are based on years of experience working with countless students and employees. They will work for you too.

Looking for extra support? Our expert advice will keep you on the path to success, every step of the way.

Lifetime access to all the materials – You can revisit them anytime at your rhythm. The knowledge will always be waiting for you to take another look.

3 FREE BONUSES – Exclusive Bonuses worth $67 – A special gift for your hard work, each designed to advance your content (AI Money Making Ideas, Creating SEO Article Prompts, Midjourney Prompts).


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What Is The AI Elevator Challenge?

The quickest way to become an AI expert on cutting-edge AI tools, with 15-minute daily challenges delivered straight to your inbox.

Each morning, you will receive a short email showcasing one of the leading AI tools to supercharge your skills. And to make sure it sticks? We have prepared a practical challenge so you can learn by doing.

We’ve already done the heavy lifting for you:

  • Figured out which tools are essential and which are not worth your time.
  • Learned how to use them, tried every feature, and uncovered all the hacks.
  • Distilled it all down into the quickest, most saturated package we could.

This means you are spending minutes and not hours per tool!

By the end of the AI Elevator, you’ll know EXACTLY which tools are most valuable for your needs.

Current tools in the lineup include:

  • Text to Speech – ElevenLabs
  • Video Generation – RunwayML
  • AI Speech Editing – Descript
  • Speech to Text – Whisper
  • Audio Editing – Adobe Podcast Enhance
  • AI Design – Canva
  • Image Generation – Midjourney
  • Using ChatGPT Plus – Advanced Data Analytics & Plugins
  • And more…

BUT! We continually update the toolset, so one purchase grants you lifetime access to new noteworthy additions.

What’s included for each one:

  • A setup tutorial
  • A quick-start guide on the main features
  • Action steps to dive deeper and become a master

We offer lifetime access, ensuring you’ll receive every new lesson when we add it, so you stay caught up!

Here is a sneak peek into one of the lessons:

✔️ Who is this for?

  • A complete beginner who hasn’t done any work in/with AI but recognizes that AI is the future of work and doesn’t want to get left behind
  • Someone who has played around with ChatGPT a bit but wants to start using AI more seriously for a wide range of tasks
  • Someone who has deep experience in one/ a couple of AI tools and wants to scale their knowledge across the board quickly

✖️BUT it’s not for you if:

  • You have already worked with 10+ AI tools, understand how they work, and use them in your day-to-day life
  • You don’t think AI has the potential to transform your work completely. (You might be wrong 🤔)
  • You like to procrastinate and will only check out the first three chapters and then forget about it

And because we know different people like to consume knowledge differently, we built a package for each learning type!

Would you like to speedrun through the PDFs, see what brings the most interest, and dive deep into that?
📖 Choose The Reader!

Would you rather sit down, watch the videos in-depth, and then play with the tools right after?
👩‍💻 Choose The Watcher!

Are you one of the people who believe practice is the best form of learning?
🏋 Choose The Expert!

Who’s Richard Batt and Why Do We Care?

Richard Batt is a UK-based AI Consultant with a rich history of working across various industries such as SEO, content marketing, e-commerce, and retail. Specializing in generative AI, Richard employs his deep knowledge of AI and automation to give companies everything they need to get ahead of the competition.

For years, Richard has been the go-to guy for companies looking to integrate AI services to scale their operations and drive business growth. His experience is not just broad but incredibly actionable.

Now check some of the success stories below 👇

"...Our SEO rankings skyrocketed within weeks."

After just a single consultation with Richard, we revamped our SEO strategies using ChatGPT Plugins and other AI tools he recommended. The result? Our website jumped from page 5 to the top of page 1 on Google within weeks. And the traffic? A whopping 80% increase.

His insights are not just brilliant but also incredibly actionable. Richard Batt is the person you need if you’re looking to give your SEO a real boost.

Melissa Bright

SEO Manager @ InstantCoach

"...Increased e-commerce sales by 30% in just one month."

We engaged Richard for his expertise in incorporating AI into our e-commerce platform. With his guidance, we implemented personalized recommendation algorithms and automated descriptions that drove a 30% increase in sales in just one month whilst drastically reducing manual labor.

His approach to AI is not just theoretical but specifically tailored to solve real-world business challenges. I can’t recommend Richard enough for anyone looking to enhance their e-commerce operations.

Brian McAllister

COO @ ShopMate

Limited time offer: Join the challenge for less than $2/day

  • AI-Enhanced Productivity: Learn how to seamlessly incorporate leading AI tools into your daily tasks and achieve maximum efficiency.

  • 15-Day Power Boost: In a short 15 days, you’ll pick up practical skills that will revolutionize how you approach your projects.

  • AI is Your New Co-Pilot: Think of AI as your round-the-clock assistant, always ready to lend a hand.

  • Smart Investment: For just $28, you get a meticulously structured challenge, lifetime access to materials, and exclusive bonuses.

  • Tailored for You: Whether you’re into blogging, video creation, or social media, we’ve got you covered.

  • Keep Up or Get Left Behind: In the fast-paced world of digital content, staying updated is not optional. Make sure you’re in the loop by integrating AI tools.

  • Hop on the AI Elevator: Turbocharge your content creation and unlock the full potential of AI tools. It’s the smart move for anyone looking to excel.

The ultimate investment in your professional growth

The AI Elevator Challenge was a game-changer for me! In just 15 days, I went from being overwhelmed by AI tools to using them like a pro in my daily work. Don't miss out on this!
Alex C.
Content Creator


The Elevator Challenge with Richard was a revelation. From skeptic to power user in less than two weeks, AI is now my go-to for campaign optimization. A must-try for any digital marketer.
Emily T.
Digital Marketing Specialist


Here’s everything you’ll get if you join The 15-Day AI Elevator Challenge TODAY

Day 2: Master RunwayML and create stunning videos by turning text into amazing remixes.

Day 4: Transform your voice into text effortlessly with Whisper, supporting 50+ languages. 

Day 6: Unleash your inner designer with Canva’s AI, no tech skills needed.

Day 7: Turn your wildest ideas into stunning visual art effortlessly with Midjourney’s AI magic.

Day 9: Create professional videos from text effortlessly with Pictory’s editing capabilities. 

Day 10: Elevate your productivity with ChatGPT Plus and versatile plugins for endless possibilities.

Day 12: Enhance online research with Bing Chat for quick, accurate, and creative results.

Last Day: Earn a personalized certificate of completion, signed by AI expert and consultant Richard Batt, to award you for your achievements.

PLUS, 3 FREE BONUSES – Today Only ($67 Total Value)

Because you’ve put in the effort, they are yours free of charge.

TODAY ONLY, so don’t miss out! These fantastic bonuses are reserved for the first 50 participants:

619 ChatGPT & Google Bard Money-Making Ideas
A list of business ideas that will stimulate your motivation for your next project.
VALUE: $29

How to Generate the Ultimate SEO Article – Mega Prompt
This highly effective prompt will create long-form, unique articles from your competitor’s content, enabling rapid ranking on Google.

500 Painting MidJourney v5 Prompts
Discover the potential of Midjourney and find inspiration in the distinctive prompts we have crafted.
VALUE: $29

Join Our Challenge Today!

ONLY $28
Usually $186 85 % OFF

"Personal Assistance" Guarantee

Once you go through the whole 15-day challenge and you get stuck, you can send me an e-mail describing your unique situation, and I’ll personally try to assist you to help you resolve it.

The Reader

PDF Lessons
$129 $19 one-time payment
  • 15x Extensive PDF for each AI tool
  • Limited 85% discount
  • One-time Payment
  • Lifetime Updates
  • Tips and Examples Newsletter
  • Time commitment: under 2 hours, depending on how fast you can read.

The Watcher

Video Course
$171 $25 one-time payment
  • 15x Extensive PDF for each AI tool
  • 15x Video course for each AI tool
  • Limited 85% discount
  • One-time Payment
  • Lifetime Updates
  • Tips and Examples Newsletter
  • Time commitment: Around 3 hours, you can watch the videos on 2x though.

Lifetime Access
100% Secure 256-Bit Encrypted Checkout.

Frequently Asked Questions

The daily challenge emails that I’ll be sending you will only take 15 minutes to read. You can skim through them while having your coffee, taking a break from work or watching your favorite TV show.

Now, if you’re about to go on a 10-day vacation in the middle of the challenge with no access to your email… that’s not really a problem either. The emails will wait for you until you return, just make sure you get them now before we increase the price.

To fully benefit from the course, paid subscriptions for ChatGPT Plus and MidJourney are required. 

Additionally, Pictory, Whisper, and D-id are other tools used in the course that don’t offer free versions. However, Pictory and D-id provide free trials, and Whisper offers $18 of free credit upon first signing up to the OpenAI Playground. 

Rest assured, these subscriptions and trials are affordably priced and constitute a valuable investment in your future success.

You will either receive all 15 lessons together or one challenge each day, depending on which package you choose:

  1. The Reader: Ideal for those who prefer text-based learning, you’ll receive all PDF lessons straight to your inbox.
  2. The Watcher: This option includes PDF lessons and video tutorials, offering a more interactive experience. You will receive a full video course with PDFs right away.
  3. The Expert: The most comprehensive package in which you’ll receive daily email lessons, video tutorials, and PDFs to ensure you grasp every aspect of the Challenge.

Since you will receive lessons via email, you can read them anytime and anywhere you wish. You should read them in the morning and use them on the same day when they are still fresh in your memory.

Once you receive the lessons, they are yours to keep. You can return to them anytime and reread them as often as you want. You can also print them out and save them in physical form or make visual reminders to help you stay consistent.

Of course! You can order the program and me e-mail at [email protected] to transform ownership to the person you want to gift it to.

No, there are no prerequisites or prior knowledge required to join the challenge. We designed the AI Elevator Challenge to cater to both beginners and those with some experience in AI tools.

The program provides step-by-step guidance, ensuring participants of all skill levels can follow along and benefit from the challenge.

Absolutely! Upon finishing the Challenge, you’ll be awarded a certificate of completion, personally signed by AI expert and consultant Richard Batt. It’s our way of recognizing and celebrating your achievement!


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