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Become a master at AI art creation with DALL·E 3…

Step Into the Future of Art and
Learn the Secrets of DALL·E 3
Become a Top 1% Expert

Learn advanced prompting techniques to generate breathtaking images with AI across various pictorial and photographic styles effortlessly… Go beyond basic prompts and learn one of the most sought-after skills in today’s AI landscape in as little as 14 days!

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The DALL·E 3 Prompt Mastering Challenge

Nobody knows these tricks yet! Learn how to generate all types of AI images effortlessly with the newest tech.

Want to go Pro with AI? Just 14 days to become a power user and 14 more days to become a top 1% expert.

Just 15 minutes a day? That’s all it takes with our value-packed and concise practical lessons.

Curious about the secrets of the pros? Our techniques are based on years of experience working with countless students and employees. They will work for you, too.

Looking for extra support? Our expert advice will keep you on the path to success every step of the way.

Lifetime access to all the materials – You can revisit them anytime at your rhythm. The knowledge will always be waiting for you to take another look.

4 FREE BONUSES – Exclusive Bonuses worth $92 – A special gift for your hard work, each designed to advance your content (Ways to Make Money With AI Art, AI Money Making Ideas, Creating SEO Article Prompts, Midjourney Prompts).


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What is The DALL·E 3 Prompt Mastering Challenge?

The quickest way to become an expert on the newest toy AI has to offer: DALL·E 3 from OpenAI!

By the end, you will know how to generate AI images across various pictorial and photographic styles effortlessly, opening up a new world of projects and possibilities for you!

With 15-minute daily challenges delivered straight to your inbox, you will go from novice to power user in just 14 days… And from power user to a top 1% expert in the next 14, saving you months of learning by yourself…

We’ve already done the heavy lifting for you:

  • Tested every new feature there is.
  • Figured out what is essential and what is skippable.
  • Distilled it all down into the shortest, most saturated package we could.
  • Put it into a next-gen learning technique based on practical learning.

The curriculum includes:

In-depth Understanding: Acquire a comprehensive understanding of descriptive, category, and additive prompting techniques, which are fundamental for effective image generation.

Special Tokens Mastery: Learn about special tokens that can drastically enhance the output, providing a gateway to more precise and creative image generation.

Versatile Image Creation: Gain the ability to create a wide array of images, including pixel art, presentation images, child book illustrations, 3D NPC models, and more, catering to various professional needs.

Workflow Optimization: Learn a structured workflow for collecting and utilizing reference images, a crucial step for creating more accurate and compelling prompts.

Practical Application: Daily hands-on exercises will ensure the practical application of learned concepts, fostering better retention and immediate applicability.

Generic Prompt Creation: By the end of the course, achieve the prowess to formulate generic prompts tailored to generate diverse styles of images, thus enhancing creative versatility.

Future-Ready Skills: With a final exercise aimed at organizing and planning for subsequent projects, learners will be well-prepared to tackle future image-generation tasks with a solid foundation.

And there are no theoretical days in this program…

We’ve spent a lot of time sequencing it in a way that lets you put the skills to work on day one, with every lesson that comes after building your repertoire exponentially.

But maybe you value speedAnd don’t want to wait for the daily lessons to come in… 

If that’s you, you can get all of them instantly and finish the whole challenge in as little as one day!

Here is a sneak peek of one of the first lessons:

✔️ Who is this for?

  • A complete beginner in AI image generation, that knows this is a huge leap forward in design and wants to hop on the train early
  • A designer, that would like to improve his workflows with the help of AI-generated images
  • Someone who has dabbled in AI image generation and other techniques, and now wants to become a TOP level expert in one of the newest tools on the market

✖️ BUT it’s not for you if:

  • You already know what words like Multi-cascade prompting, Special Tokens and Generic Prompts mean and can use all of them effortlessly.
  • You are a designer or an artist who thinks AI has no place in your profession (you might be wrong…)
  • You have started a pile of courses and haven’t finished any (we still might be able to get you through this one with our unique Daily E-mail Challenge format)

And because we like to give you all the power on where you want to start and how you want to consume the knowledge bomb we built here…

You can choose between 3 packages:

🟣 Beginner

Become a power user in just 2 weeks, with 14 concise practical lessons, taking you from a complete beginner to the top 10% of all DALL·E enthusiasts…

🟣 Expert

…And join the 1% with the next 14 days of advanced, in-depth lessons that will teach you techniques most people can’t even believe come from AI.

🟣 Complete – 28 Days

The beginner and expert fused together into the most comprehensive DALL·E 3 course ever made…

And 2 formats…

🔵 Email challenge

    Daily 15-minute lessons delivered straight to your inbox, built with maximum convenience and perfect pace in mind.

🔵 Instant access

    You get all the lessons in one go and can go through them as quickly or as slowly as you want.

Who’s Luis Riancho and Why Should We Listen?

Luis Riancho, more prominently recognized as TechHalla on X, is a Telecommunications Engineer with a zest for innovative digital applications and products.

Launching his professional AI journey in 2017, Luis rapidly cultivated expertise in generative AI implementations within the industrial and commercial arenas.

Over the years, he has seamlessly navigated the intricate landscape of AI tools, gaining proficiency in notable platforms such as ChatGPT and MidJourney.

More than just a professional, Luis is an evangelist for shared knowledge.

He firmly believes in the power of collective learning, and it is this conviction that has driven him to craft over 17 in-depth guides on Gumroad dedicated to enhancing prompting in MidJourney.

... impeccable 5/5 average rating across all his digital products

With an impressive track record, Luis boasts over 18K downloads and has catered to more than 5.5K customers.

Moreover, he has maintained an impeccable 5/5 average rating across all his digital products.

In a nutshell, his commitment to excellence and his prolific achievements make TechHalla a trusted name in AI Art Prompt Engineering.

Exponential Growth on X

Luis, as the force behind TechHalla, has witnessed a meteoric rise in his digital presence, especially on X.

In a short span of six months, he amassed an astounding 13,000 followers. This isn’t mere luck or fate. It’s the direct result of the high-quality content he consistently shares, day in and day out.

This commitment to value has not only built him an engaged community but has also caught the eye of many in the industry.

Partnerships in Generative AI

Luis’s expertise isn’t limited to creating and sharing knowledge. He has actively collaborated with leading companies in the generative AI sector.

Whether playing a pivotal role as a tester or assisting in generating premium content, Luis has been a sought-after name, further solidifying his standing in the industry.

Limited time offer: Join the Challenge for about $2/day

Accelerated Learning Curve: Go from a novice to a top 1% expert in AI art generation in just 28 days, saving months of self-guided learning.

Daily Skill Building: With just 15 minutes daily, witness consistent and remarkable growth in your AI art skills.

Practical Lessons: Engage in daily challenges that ensure you apply what you learn immediately, cementing your knowledge and skills.

Versatile Image Creation: Gain the ability to create a wide array of images, from pixel art to 3D models, catering to various professional needs.

Personal Assistance Guarantee: Get stuck? Reach out and receive personal assistance from Luis Riancho, ensuring you’re on the right track.

Unprecedented Value: Get the Challenge at an 85% discount, along with exclusive bonuses worth $92, ensuring you get the most bang for your buck.

Materials at Your Rhythm: Revisit the challenge materials anytime, ensuring the knowledge is always at your fingertips, ready when you are.

Future-Ready Skills: Equip yourself with the most sought-after skills in today’s AI landscape, ensuring you are always ahead.

Open Up New Opportunities: The skills acquired open up a new world of projects and possibilities, enhancing your professional and creative ventures.

Be Part of an Elite Group: Join a community of like-minded individuals at the forefront of AI art creation.

Flexible Learning Options: Choose between daily lessons delivered to your inbox or instant access to all lessons, tailoring the learning experience to your pace.

Tailored to Your Needs: Whether you’re a complete beginner or looking to sharpen your skills, there’s a package perfect for you.

Some examples of practical use cases for AI-generated images, that I see in the industry the most…

  • Advertising
  • Content creation
  • The business of Art – NFTs
  • E-commerce
  • Design in general
  • 2D-Videogame design
  • Freelancing

Become an AI Art Prompt Engineer and Achieve Results Like These

The ultimate investment in your professional growth

Excellent course with comprehensive content and hands-on experience; highly recommend for anyone looking to delve into AI generation!
Josh L.
AI Enthusiast


Engaging content, knowledgeable instructors, and plenty of opportunities to practice. A great introduction to AI generation!
Linda S.
Creative Director


Here’s everything you’ll get if you join The 28-Day DALL·E 3 Prompt Mastering Challenge TODAY

Day 3: Step up your image creation with additive prompting mastery.

Day 4: Aspect ratiosA small detail with a huge impact on your images.

Day 7: Master the art of adding text to images with our easy-to-follow guide.

Day 8: Step into the world of game design: Create stunning 3D characters.

Day 21: Capture magic in every frameExplore angles and lighting with DALL·E 3.

Day 24: The power of perspectiveAction sports in panoramic landscapes and more…

Last Day: Earn a personalized certificate of completion, signed by AI Art Engineer and consultant Luis Riancho, to award you for your achievements.

PLUS, 4 FREE BONUSES – Today Only ($92 Total Value)

Because you’ve put in the effort, they are yours free of charge.

TODAY ONLY, so don’t miss out! These fantastic bonuses are reserved for the first 50 participants:

13 Ways to Make Money With AI-Generated Art
Unlock the potential of AI art with our guide on various monetization strategies.
VALUE: $25

619 ChatGPT & Google Bard Money-Making Ideas
A list of business ideas that will stimulate your motivation for your next project.
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How to Generate the Ultimate SEO Article – Mega Prompt
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Join Our Challenge Today!

ONLY $28
Usually $186 85 % OFF

"Personal Assistance" Guarantee

Once you go through the whole challenge and you get stuck, you can send me an e-mail describing your unique situation, and I’ll personally try to assist you to help you resolve it.

Select course type:
Instant Course


Instant Access - 14 Lessons
$186 $28 one-time payment
  • 14x DALL·E 3 Course Lessons
  • Limited 85% discount
  • One-time Payment
  • Lifetime Updates
  • Tips and Examples Newsletter
  • For individuals who are not experts in DALL·E 3 prompting


Instant Access - 14 Lessons
$186 $28 one-time payment
  • 14x DALL·E 3 Course Lessons
  • Limited 85% discount
  • One-time Payment
  • Lifetime Updates
  • Tips and Examples Newsletter
  • For individuals who are experienced in DALL·E 3 prompting

Lifetime Access
100% Secure 256-Bit Encrypted Checkout.

Frequently Asked Questions

The daily challenge emails that I’ll be sending you will only take 15 minutes to read. You can skim through them while having your coffee, taking a break from work or watching your favorite TV show.

Now, if you’re about to go on a 10-day vacation in the middle of the challenge with no access to your email… that’s not really a problem either. The emails will wait for you until you return, just make sure you get them now before we increase the price.

To fully benefit from the course, paid subscriptions for ChatGPT Plus is required. 

Rest assured, this subscription is affordably priced and constitute a valuable investment in your future success.

If you choose an instant access, you will instantly receive all the lessons so you can start absorbing the knowledge right away.

If you choose an email challenge, you will receive an email every day until you finish the course.

Of course! You can order the program and e-mail [email protected] to transform ownership to the person you want to gift it to.

No, there are no prerequisites or prior knowledge required to join the challenge. We designed the challenge to cater to both beginners and those with some experience in AI art generation.

The program provides step-by-step guidance, ensuring participants of all skill levels can follow along and benefit from the challenge.

Absolutely! Upon finishing the challenge, you’ll be awarded a Certificate of completion, personally signed by AI Art Engineer and consultant Luis Riancho. It’s our way of recognizing and celebrating your achievement!


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