DoorDash AI voice ordering

DoorDash AI Voice Ordering: A Game-Changer for Restaurants and Customers Alike


DoorDash is stepping up its game with the launch of AI-powered voice ordering technology. This innovation is set to revolutionize the way restaurants handle customer orders, promising to increase sales and improve customer experience. But what exactly does this mean for restaurants and their patrons?

The Problem with Traditional Ordering Methods

According to DoorDash’s 2023 Restaurant Online Ordering Trends Report, one in five customers prefers to order takeout via phone. However, up to 50% of these calls go unanswered, resulting in potential revenue losses for restaurants. Clearly, there’s room for improvement.

Why Calls Go Unanswered

During peak hours, restaurant staff are often too busy attending to in-store customers to answer the phone. This leaves a significant gap in customer service and a missed opportunity for additional revenue.

The AI Solution: What DoorDash is Offering

DoorDash’s new voice ordering technology aims to fill this gap. It uses AI to answer calls, provide curated meal recommendations, and even handle multiple languages. This ensures that no call goes unanswered and that customers receive personalized service.

How Does it Work?

The system couples AI with live agents to ensure customer calls are answered promptly. During peak times, the AI takes over, allowing restaurant staff to focus on in-store customers. Live agents are available to jump in and assist customers whenever necessary.

The Benefits for Restaurants

The new technology offers restaurants a cost-efficient way to increase sales by ensuring all customer calls are answered. It also allows for incremental revenue opportunities by up-selling or cross-selling through curated recommendations.

DoorDash Drive: An Added Bonus

Restaurants can also leverage DoorDash Drive, a white-label solution that powers direct delivery. This provides an end-to-end experience for customers who want to track their order’s progress.

The Benefits for Customers

Customers will enjoy a personalized voice ordering experience with no missed calls or long wait times. They can quickly reorder their favorite meals and even receive support from live agents when needed.

Multilingual Support

The system can handle orders in multiple languages, making it accessible to a broader range of customers.

What’s Next for DoorDash’s AI Voice Ordering?

DoorDash is continuously investing in its voice product to deliver more and enable its partners to grow their businesses. We can expect to see even more advanced features and capabilities in the future.


DoorDash’s AI-powered voice ordering technology is a win-win for both restaurants and customers. It addresses the issue of unanswered calls, enhances customer experience, and provides incremental revenue opportunities for restaurants. With its focus on efficiency and customer service, this innovation is set to make waves in the restaurant industry.


1. What is DoorDash’s AI voice ordering technology?
It’s an AI-powered system designed to answer customer calls, provide curated meal recommendations, and handle orders in multiple languages.

2. How does this benefit restaurants?
The technology ensures that all customer calls are answered, thereby increasing sales opportunities and improving customer service.

3. How does it benefit customers?
Customers enjoy a personalized, efficient ordering experience with no missed calls or long wait times.

4. Is the system multilingual?
Yes, it can handle orders in multiple languages.

5. What’s the future of DoorDash’s AI voice ordering?
DoorDash plans to continuously invest in this technology, adding more advanced features and capabilities.

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