Midjourney's inpainting.

MidJourney’s Inpainting: A New Era in AI Image Editing

I. Introduction to MidJourney’s Inpainting

MidJourney, a renowned generative AI image creation tool, has unveiled its latest feature known as “Vary (Region).” This exciting addition allows users to engage in inpainting, a process that edits elements within an image’s canvas. But is it a game-changer or just playing catch-up? Let’s dive in.

II. Understanding Inpainting and Outpainting

* Inpainting: Editing things inside a canvas.

* Outpainting: Expanding the picture beyond its original boundaries.

Inpainting is not new in the world of AI art, but MidJourney’s approach brings a fresh perspective.

III. The Vary (Region) Feature

The Vary feature enables users to select specific portions of an image and modify them using text prompts. Want to transform a part of the image you don’t like? Or add accessories to a portrait? Vary (Region) makes it possible.

IV. How to Use MidJourney’s Vary (Region)

  1. Create an Image: Start by creating an image.
  2. Upscale the Image: Click on upscale.
  3. Select Vary (Region): Choose the area you want to edit.
  4. Enter a Prompt: Enter a prompt according to your needs.
  5. Generate New Results: Click the arrow to see the new results.

V. Assessing the Results

While the tool offers exciting possibilities, it’s not without limitations. Sometimes it may not work as expected. MidJourney’s guidelines suggest that the feature works best when applied to larger sections of an image, ideally between 20% to 50%.

VI. Comparison with Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion, a free, competing open-source image generator, has supported inpainting and outpainting functionalities since its v1.2 release. Some tests indicate that Stable Diffusion might have an edge in terms of accuracy and user experience.

VII. The Competitive AI Landscape

MidJourney’s new feature is a significant development, but it also reflects the competitive AI landscape. Various platforms offer overlapping functionalities, pushing the industry towards more refined and user-centric solutions.

VIII. The Future of AI Image Editing

As AI continues to evolve, tools like MidJourney’s Vary (Region) highlight the industry’s drive towards enhanced creativity and customization. Whether for professional or personal use, the advancements promise a future filled with innovation.


MidJourney’s inpainting feature, Vary (Region), marks an exciting development in AI image editing. While it brings new possibilities, it also faces competition from tools like Stable Diffusion. The landscape of AI image editing is ever-changing, and MidJourney’s latest feature adds a new dimension to this dynamic field.


1. What is MidJourney’s inpainting feature?

  • It’s called “Vary (Region),” allowing users to edit elements within an image’s canvas.

2. How does it compare to Stable Diffusion?

  • Stable Diffusion might have an edge in terms of accuracy and user experience.

3. What are the limitations of MidJourney’s Vary (Region)?

  • It may not always work as expected and is most effective when applied to larger sections of an image.

4. What does this new feature mean for the AI industry?

  • It reflects the competitive landscape and the drive towards more user-centric solutions.

5. Can anyone use MidJourney’s Vary (Region)?

  • Yes, it’s designed for both professional and personal use, offering a new way to engage with AI image editing.


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