NVIDIA’s new chip

NVIDIA’s Game-Changing AI Chip: A Deep Dive

NVIDIA, a name synonymous with cutting-edge technology, has once again made headlines. This time, it’s all about their latest innovation in the realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI) – the GH200 chip. But what makes this chip so special, and why should we care? Let’s dive in.

1. NVIDIA’s Legacy in AI

NVIDIA isn’t new to the AI game. They’ve been a dominant force, holding a staggering 80% market share in the AI chip industry. Their specialty? Graphics processing units (GPUs). These GPUs have become the go-to chips for massive AI models that power generative AI software, like Google’s Bard and OpenAI’s ChatGPT. But with great power comes great demand. Tech giants, cloud providers, and budding startups are all clamoring for NVIDIA’s chips, leading to a supply crunch.

2. Introducing the GH200

The GH200 isn’t just another chip on the block. It’s built on the foundation of NVIDIA’s highest-end AI chip, the H100. But here’s the twist: the GH200 combines the GPU of the H100 with a whopping 141 gigabytes of state-of-the-art memory and a 72-core ARM central processor. In the words of NVIDIA’s CEO, Jensen Huang, “We’re giving this processor a boost.” He emphasized its design, tailored for the expansion of global data centers.

3. Availability and Pricing

Eager to get your hands on this chip? Well, you might have to wait a bit. The GH200 is set to hit the distributors’ shelves in the second quarter of next year. Sampling? That should be possible by the year’s end. As for the price? NVIDIA’s playing it close to the chest, choosing not to disclose it just yet.

4. The Magic of Inference

AI models work in two main phases: training and inference. Training is where the model learns using vast data sets. This phase can be time-consuming, sometimes taking months and requiring thousands of GPUs. Once trained, the model is then used in software to make predictions or generate content, a process known as inference. While training is periodic, inference is almost continuous.

The GH200 is a beast when it comes to inference. With its enhanced memory capacity, it can handle larger AI models on a single system. As Huang puts it, “The inference cost of large language models will drop significantly.”

5. GH200 vs. The World

The GH200 isn’t without competition. NVIDIA’s primary GPU rival, AMD, recently unveiled its AI-centric chip, the MI300X, boasting a memory support of 192GB. Even tech behemoths like Google and Amazon are jumping into the fray, crafting their custom AI chips for inference.

6. The Bigger Picture

The GH200 isn’t just a chip; it’s a statement. With its increased memory capacity (141GB compared to the H100’s 80GB), it’s designed for the future. NVIDIA also plans to merge two GH200 chips into one computer, aiming for even larger models. This move signifies NVIDIA’s vision of a world where AI models can run seamlessly without needing multiple systems or GPUs.


In the ever-evolving world of technology, NVIDIA’s GH200 is a testament to innovation and foresight. It’s not just about creating a chip; it’s about envisioning the future of AI and making it a reality. As AI continues to shape our world, tools like the GH200 will be at the forefront, driving change and redefining possibilities.


  • What is the GH200’s main advantage over other chips?
    • The GH200 boasts a combination of NVIDIA’s top-tier GPU with 141GB of cutting-edge memory and a 72-core ARM central processor, making it ideal for AI inference.
  • When can we expect the GH200 to be available?
    • The GH200 is slated for release in the second quarter of the next year.
  • How does the GH200 compare to NVIDIA’s H100 chip?
    • While built on the foundation of the H100, the GH200 offers more memory (141GB compared to 80GB) and is tailored for larger AI models on a single system.
  • Are other companies developing similar AI chips?
    • Yes, companies like AMD, Google, and Amazon are also venturing into the AI chip space, each with their unique offerings.
  • Why is inference important in AI?
    • Inference is the process where trained AI models make predictions or generate content. It’s a continuous process, making it crucial for AI applications in real-time scenarios.


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