The Best ChatGPT Chrome Extension

I have been enjoying a fantastic Merlin Chrome extension that I installed recently. Initially, I was doubtful as there are many ChatGPT tools available, but it has proven to be extremely beneficial for me. It is incredibly convenient and can be accessed from anywhere within the browser with just a shortcut or a click. Additionally, you can effortlessly select a piece of text and utilize it as a prompt.

ChatGPT with one click

Easy access to ChatGPT on any website using Cmd + M

✦️ Simply select any online content

✦️ Click on Cmd+M (Mac) or Ctrl+M (Windows) to open Merlin box

✦️ Choose what you want to do with it (create a reply, summarizer, make it shorter or add some fun.

✦️ And voila! You’ll get an 80% done reply at your fingertips

Youtube Summarizer

Summarize any Youtube video with just a click

✦️ Open any youtube video

✦️ Click on the Merlin summarizer button

✦️ Wait 15 seconds for Merlin to summarize the whole video.

✦️ And there it is, now you can copy the summary to use anywhere

Get ChatGPT response on all your Google results

✦️ Open and type your query for the search

✦️ Look on the right of your Google response page, Merlin gives ChatGPT response to your query

✦️ No need to go through multiple links & ads on Google, just merlin it!

Blog Summarizer

Summarize lengthy blogs into key pointers with a click

✦️ Open any medium or substack blog in your browser

✦️ Merlin summarizer button appears automatically

✦️ Click and get summarized key points of the blog

Customized Email templates

Generate effective & fast email responses to save time

✦️ Open the email to which you want to reply

✦️ Select the email text and click Cmd+M

✦️ Write a prompt to create a reply (create a rejection email, ask for a meeting time, reply with thanks)

✦️ See Merlin’s magic on your email, copy the text, and use it to email

AI Assistant for Social Media

Get an AI writer for social engagement on Twitter & Linkedin

✦️ Open your Twitter/Linkedin account & open any post

✦️ Select the post as a context and click cmd+M

✦️ Write a prompt about what you want to do (write a witty/funny/supporting reply)

Save prompts like templates

Save your frequently used prompt to automate repetitive work on Merlin

✦️ Open any website and click cmd+M

✦️ Write the prompt you use repeatedly and click on “save my prompt”

✦️ After saving, you can access it from “All prompts” or below the Merlin search bar.