AutoGPT Arena Hacks

AutoGPT Arena Hacks: The Ultimate Guide to Winning the AI Challenge


The AutoGPT Arena Hacks event is a hackathon that invites developers and AI enthusiasts to create AI agents powered by AutoGPT. The event offers a cash prize pool of $30,000 and a chance for the best generalist agent to replace AutoGPT in the repository. But what does it take to win this challenge? Let’s dive in.

What is AutoGPT?

AutoGPT is designed to streamline AI development. It offers an intuitive interface without compromising on the depth of features. The platform leads in AI metrics and aims to redefine possibilities in the AI landscape.

The Hackathon Challenge

The main task is to develop an AI agent that can handle tasks through natural language input. The agent can either be a generalist like AutoGPT or specialized for specific tasks. All submissions must be open source and adhere to the MIT License.

Getting Started with AutoGPT

To kick off your project, you’ll need to clone the AutoGPT repository. This will provide you with a boilerplate that integrates with the benchmark and AutoGPT’s user interface, as well as monitoring and logging tools.

Benchmarking and Leaderboard

As you develop your agent, you’ll need to test its performance against a benchmark. Successful benchmarks will place you on the leaderboard and automatically enter you into the competition.

Open Source Commitment

The AutoGPT community values open collaboration. Therefore, all submissions must be open source and adhere to the MIT License.

Prizes Up for Grabs

General Challenge

$15,000 cash prize and a spot as the primary AutoGPT in the repository.

Scrape and Synthesize

$3,500 for extracting data from the web and creating datasets.

Data Mastery

$3,500 for performing essential data science tasks.

Coding Excellence

$4,000 for the first place and $2,000 for the second place for mastering the art of coding.

Open-ended Agent Protocol

$2,000 for innovation beyond the listed challenges.

Startup Opportunities

Top submissions may also be considered for next-stage partner programs to further develop their concept.

Hackathon Rules

  • Creation of new agents should be facilitated through the AutoGPT repository.
  • Participants may begin with an existing agent or start fresh.
  • All agents must follow the agent protocol to be benchmarked.
  • OpenAI credits will be provided for running benchmarks.

Community and Support

Participants can join the AutoGPT Discord for mentorship and technical assistance. Teams can be created during the hackathon, matching members by background and experience.

Hackathon Detail

  • The event starts on September 22nd.
  • It takes place on the platform and AutoGPT Discord server.
  • Everyone is welcome to participate, regardless of previous AI or coding experience.


The AutoGPT Arena Hacks event is more than just a hackathon; it’s a challenge that tests your technical prowess and offers substantial rewards. With a focus on open collaboration and innovation, this event is a golden opportunity for anyone passionate about AI.


1. Do I need a team to participate?

  • No, you can participate solo or join a team.

2. Is a Github account necessary?

  • It’s recommended that at least one team member has a Github account.

3. How are the prizes delivered?

  • Winning teams will be contacted for delivery details, and it might take up to 90 days to distribute the prizes.

4. Is there a guarantee of entry into next-stage partner programs?

  • No, entry is subject to availability and certain criteria.

5. Where can I find more information?

  • You can reach out on social media or through the AutoGPT Discord server for more details.

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